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COLL is the college for lessons on Life and Living. The place to come to when you are stressed or worried with problems. This is your online academy that equips you to deal with the pressure and stress that life presents.

COLL is the answer – the one stop solution center for POSITIVE change.

This is an affordable, private gateway open to all. The simplest way to gain professional insight to your current concerns and find solutions

” A well informed, confident person overcomes the hurdles of daily life and living. Happiness is a state of mind, therefore working on the mind is the first place to begin”.

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Parents of children

Parenting is demanding in the present age and every parent could use a little help to do things differently.

Parents of teenagers

Aims to provide guidance and direction to parents on dealing with teenage issues and challenges

Teens & Youth

Helps teenagers & youths privately solve their problems, easing their mind & making them confident. 

Relationship Issues

Covers the full spectrum of relationship issues offering clarity and solutions to deal with stress.

Armed Forces

Offers valuable modules on critical subjects pertaining to personnel serving in the armed forces.

Blogs & Bloggers

Read inspiring and relevant blogs by our editorial team and independent bloggers.Real life stories, real experiences, tried & tested solution and new techniques for addressing various life situations makes our blogs enthralling.


Our Help Center

Our Help Center is a support forum that is categorised into multiple sections. A registered user can come to the Help Center to co-think with other users, seek advice, gain insights. You can park a question and time it. Your questions will be answered within 24 hours to 1 week depending on your urgency for response.


Roadmap For New Users

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Without registration you will have access to blogs and course outline only.To access a module or participate in the support forum you will need to register.

Identify Current Problem

How to select the solution option

Ask yourself  what is bothering you most now. What issue stays on your mind often. Is it about your child or teenager, your relationship issues, career issues ??? Select the tab that suits your situation. Look through the options in modules offered.

Select The Module

Go Through The Preview

Each module has a description of what it covers.Evaluate if the module shows the potential to answer some of your question, doubts and provide you solution.

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Under each module is the payment gateway that allows you to transact and get access to the full length module.