New crop of Leaders – Positive Intolerant

Countries like India are taken over by a new and timely phenomenon.Something that seems to have risen after having gone dormant for over 70-75 years. Positive Intolerance. This is good quality “wholesome intolerance”.  It means being Intolerant to Intolerance.

This is what has the unlimited energy required to counter general Hate, Prejudice, Bias and Supremacy that has ruined the world and the workplace alike. Good news is that this type of a leader is now awakening in hoards. What is peculiar – is that they NEED NOT BE LEADERS by position and power, chair and designation. This type of a leader could be anywhere among us in any level of socio-economic order or placement within org hierarchy.  What makes them different is a higher moral ground and clear reasoning of Fairness, Equality and Rights.  This Leader recognises the ugliness in any space and they have what it takes to call it as it is… UGLY. Their expressed intolerance to Intolerant behaviour works as a shield that protects the weaker ones and the meek. Literally speaking – they are the SHIELDS of our community and work places.

This attitude runs in the blood lines of reformists, change agents, philosophers. philanthropists, writers and artists. People for whom knowledge is first love and contribution matters most. They were far less in number at one time. But something changed in the last 10 years that has blossomed many to find their spirit. Perhaps it has to do with a world of information now open to all. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that people have begun to value the change bringer rather than the stuck up dogmatic…and maybe some parts has to do with a change in how we perceive the vocal independent thinker. This one is far more admired than who prefers to play it safe for personal gains.

The leaders cannot tolerate hidden agenda and propaganda that ride on vested interests. What is happening in a country is also what is happening in organisations. Time is urging the bold and they are rising. To honour them means to create more of them. And this means eventually cleaner systems and a fairer world too. Energy is energy; it cannot be contained. Its direction is the deciding factor of it’s value to others though. The Negative Intolerants and the Positive Intolerants are from the same nuclear tank of energies. One goes off to destroy while the other is trying hard to preserve, energise and protect.

So… who are the POSITIVE INTOLERANT leaders ? They are characterised by

1) a vibrant energy that matches the negatively intolerant people.  They are not the perpetrator – they are the challengers

2) Hunger for knowledge. They reckon the one way to fight wrong is to know and to be on the path of TRUTH always

3) A clear sense of right and wrong which coincides with all principles and norms they may follow in other facets of life. Example a Positive Intolerant is someone who does not give mere lip service to subjects of Inclusion and Diversity at the work place. Is not someone who advocates Gender equality without demonstrating the same at home.

4) They are strong in their ideals and very vehement about belief systems.

5) They enjoy being challenged and are dedicated to walking the talk. They know who they are and comprehend their own abilities to do things ALONE if need be to “show” how it is done.

6) what makes them most formidable is that the Positive Intolerant’s are highly conscientious and their sense of ethics is NOT guided by religion or faith. They refer to the universal book of mankind on co-existence. Thus confidently evaluate, condemn and fight for what is right.

Positive Addictions and Positive Intolerance : 
Knowledge is the key for all Positive addictions. And so is knowledge key for Positive Intolerance. Only when you know what it wrong, how it is wrong, when did it turn wrong and who is doing the wrong – will you truly sympathise and empathise with the victim. And that is when you feel the urge to preserve and ACT on it. Knowledge brings positive change in you and others around you. Positive intolerance is thus the proven blood brother of Positive addiction. It anchors sound reasoning and the courage to admit the truth. Often it will propel the person to be the change agent who is much needed.

Leadership has little to do with position and power: A real leader is born anywhere. One who has this innate quality of strength in Character will invariably turn into a leader. Organisations hire leaders at plump salaries who don’t display this supreme quality and thus become cheap pawns in the hands of those who can manipulate or them a few carrots. Who can be bought for a price or a promise is no Leader at all. The Positive Intolerants have very low tenacity to endure anything unethical, immoral or unjust. The voice that stands alone and dares to challenge a political nexus within organisations is the same that will be the valorous voice that challenges Mammoths in the nation’s political world. Leader knows no Fear. Fear is not for the big cats.

Positive INTOLERANCE thus studies everything that is dangerous for the survival of mankind, the threats to peace and equality, the attacks on individual freedom and Rights. If you follow Positive Intolerance you will be intolerant to all things, ideologies, practices and People who are intolerant…without a care. Conviction comes from knowledge and facts. Drive comes from unifying with your conscience. The more Positive Intolerance we will see in our people – it means more Leaders are born. And with that we will rise to a higher level of integrity and ethical being. One that will clean up all miscreants, menace and mess.

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