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The Inspiration

To be inspired means “ To Do Something “. We do things that are out of the ordinary, only because of a deep conviction and profound motivation.

The inspiration for creating this universal platform that hopes to help people, came from witnessing the death of a few innocent teenagers and adult friends. Some lost their life due to the inability to face life challenges and some owing to mere carelessness. While it was very disturbing, what made it worse was the question “could anything have averted this? “and the answer was “yes”. Knowledge and timely help would have saved them.

“When change occurs, people get beaten down by over thinking and complicate it by highly emotional responses. This is what feeds stress” – Deepak P.
“80% of  the constant tension one goes through in life comes from Relationship issues.  We stay susceptible to stress from different types of human relationships and there is no fool proof method to completely avoid them.” -Seema R
“Self help is a great idea for anyone to start with. When this route fails or does not help is when it becomes clear one needs professional assistance”               – S Menon.

Our Find

Demanding lifestyle and changing nature of human relationships, together are making life difficult for people. There just has to be a master solution center- one that does not drain the pocket and can help people deal with a variety of life challenges. 

Our research found paucity of time, awkwardness and procrastination were some reasons why people don’t think of going to a professional. The biggest reason was not being able to afford expert help. Most people prefer self help thus. Issues prolong when self help is not readily available. Then stress grows till a person becomes depressed, unhappy; far from living a quality life and this is what we wish to change.

Our Message

College of Life Lessons (COLL) aims to be that space anyone can come to no matter where you are in the world. When you are bogged down by life situations- be it big or small, remember COLL is only a click away. We aspire to be the provider of information that helps you clear the mind, urge introspection, aid your learning, assist you to evaluate options, seek answers, or get direction that helps make better decisions. All in all, we hope to be that personal online mentor who helps you live a happier life.