Avoidable Partners

Avoidable Partners

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I hate to admit this but I have been a serial dater and was tired of how heart broken I would get each time something didnt work out or it got suffocating. This module helped me see that I was making very big mistakes in potential partner selection. I think anyone who is dating needs to know and be wary of this. 
itsmehashim India
<span>S. Africa</span>
I was blaming myself for the break-up of my relationship. I didn’t expect an outcome like this by going through this module…but one of the avoidable types clearly was who I was seeing all this while. I don’t blame myself anymore but I also realised I am not smart at seeing things as they are. Now on I will have to be careful raised to Nth degree
Patrice.leu.in S. Africa

Avoidable Partners

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Audience – Youth & Adults
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Relationships are tricky if you enter one without assessing the person from a distance. Proximity of an emotional kind makes one blind to gaps and danger signs. To be able to keep emotional distance helps a person make observations and be absolutely antiseptic in evaluation. Adults and youth tend to ignore very key warning signs that usually end up being the harbinger of troubled times. Sometimes people move from the frying pan into the fire because caution through comprehension of Human psychology is not their strength. We aim to deliver just that through this module.

Relationships that are NOT going well can cause serious stress and depression in people. Being treated well is a fundamental right.  This module covers the most avoidable types of people you can meet while dating and trying to find a partner. The salient features of such people, their oddities, strangeness of perspectives, behaviour and mind set is what is covered. Who is this module for ?

  • Adults who seem to move from one unhealthy relationship to the other.
  • Those who are unable to find a good partner and get hurt often.
  • Young people who want to get smart without getting burnt.
  • Divorcees who wish to make the next relationship a grand success.
  • Those who are dating and are quite confused on how to sieve.
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Avoidable Partners