Being Single Again

Being Single Again

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<span>United States</span>
I think I needed to hear this from a neutral someone who has no bias and no prejudice. I had quite some realizations and learnt a few things that are helping me get by the day. 
angelAngela. United States
My family tried to help me a lot but I was beyond their scope and ability to be helped. I didnt want to go to a counsellor either. This module came to my rescue. Went through this privately – infact everyday for 10 days. It helped me sink in some perspectives I badly needed. Very grateful to COLL.
0Melanie0 Canada

Being Single Again

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Being single after having been in a relationship can rock the boat of life for many. Even if you are an adult who has seen much of life this kind of an event can be ground shaking. Often hearing from family and friends “you will get over it in time” is not enough. Your bouts of depression and down time are yours alone. The pain and the trauma of having to pull through life alone can really rankle your spirit. This module aims to help those who are having a hard time dealing with being alone again.

This module helps you introspect, retrospect, think about your needs and drivers. It offers you a step by step process to overcome the despair. The kind of caution you will require as you seek again will also be shared.

Who is this module for ?

  • For those who have become single recently.
  • Who are overcoming the pain from a broken relationship.
  • Someone who is separate and a Divorce proceeding is on but lives alone.
  • Someone who got divorced recently.
  • A friend or a parent of someone who is single but is depressed and could use some help.
Publisher – To be shared soon
ISBN – To be shared soon
Length – 45 Minutes

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Being Single Again