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I went through this course only because my daughter is larger than other kids her age and I have seen she can be stubborn and very aggressive.Helped me understand that maybe she has turned into a bully sometimes with smaller kids. I think I just averted a concern area. Thank you COLL. Great material !

soccermom202 India
<span>United States</span>

We were suspecting there was something wrong with our son and school. He didn’t speak much at all. The data here helped us. We were right in our suspicion. Turns out he was being bullied, not by one but 2 boys. My wife and I followed the steps advised and we are at much better ease now

kotwalR United States


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The subject of bullying is a MUST know for all parents and guardians of small children all the way up to Teens. This is an issue which changes shape and form along the way but can seriously affect the child’s mind altering personality, interests, esteem and choices too. A child who has been bullied for long can slip into depression complicating the issue further. Unaddressed bulling results in a child moving into adulthood carrying residual effects of bullying which impacts adult relationships and work life too.

An alert adult can avert the situation but what they need to know is that there are different types of bullying. The symptoms are different kinds. What kind of kids bully others. What does a bullied child go through, feel like and what they tend to do re-actively. This module also shares the detailed solution steps once bullying has been identified. Also it helps you to teach your child to be bully resistant.

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