Career Success Through Good MER

Career Success Through Good MER

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Wow ! I think this should be made mandatory for all employees + managers. This is usually not taught like this. Glad I took this program.
pragati.thorat India
<span>United States</span>
Stepping stone for anybody’s career is this. I recommended this to my manager as well. Am so thoroughly impressed by the material here. Thanks COLL
joshi.drit United States

Career Success Through Good MER

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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Career does not just depend on the individual or the professional. It also depends on the mentoring one receives, the opportunities that are presented to develop, the investment being made in up-skilling and the exposures a manager can provide. When the Manager Employee Relationship (MER) is said to be a strong one there is constant give and take which is free moving and most willing. This helps create an environment of mutual success + team success. But when there is a gap, a void it can cause a whole lot of problems to the manager as well as the employee slowing their agility, capability and output. Overall bad MER hits both people’s career equally.

MER is a complex relationship constituting 2 professionals who engage at work very closely on arriving at common goals and deliverables. There is much that can go wrong and sometimes it does. This module helps you understand why MER has tremendous value to the career of the Manager and the Employee. How does  a good MER look. What is the impact of bad MER. What exactly is the scope for change. Knowing the most critical concepts of MER to begin with. Two way analysis. Solutions.

Who is this module for ?

  • A manager who wants to engage better with a team
  • Someone who recognizes the importance of build better relationships for career success
  • An employee who hopes to build strong relationship with his /her manager
  • A manager or employee who are not exactly at their best equation right now but want to understand the FOUNDATION of MER
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Career Success Through Good MER