Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

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This is an important area for parents and teachers. As a teacher I know what Child abuse is about. This module was very helpful. It added to my knowledge. 

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I have known a child who was sexually abused and saw how badly it affected the boy. I was desperate to learn and study the whole subject after I had kids. Instead of read many loosely placed internet articles, I was hoping to find one place to get a good grip on the subject. Found it here.

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How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

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Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the child or Guardian
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Child sexual abuse is not as uncommon as we think. Many children suffer and stay mum because they do not know how parents and adults will take their experience. Fear and anxiety prevents them from being violated. When an adult comprehends this subject end to end and learns HOW to talk to the child is when the Child draws trust and confidence in the supervision and directives given by adults. To protect our children and to prevents such tragedies – parents need to be proactive and ensure they up their own awareness and knowledge on Child Sexual abuse.

To be able to protect your child or ward in your care from predators it is important first to know who the usual victims are. How victim selection happens. What is the mind of the abuser. How do they manipulate the child. What signs will the child show if they are being abused ? The outcomes and long term impact of sexual abuse. The types of abusers. Their modus operandi. The games they play to cover tracks. How to be vigilant. What to ask. How to keep in touch with your child’s mind and activities. All in all this module brings you up to speed on a very critical subject that is a MUST know for all parents and guardians
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Child Sexual Abuse