Considering Divorce

Considering Divorce

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My brother has been suffering in a bad marriage for 8 years and no matter how hard all of us tried he would not listen. I sent him the link to this module and I am guessing he took the module. He has been talking to me about planning and what he needs to do to protect his interests. He is a closed person — someday I will find out if he took this module. But I did and I could see why he needs his way out
hanamio Tokyo
<span>S. Africa</span>
We both have struggled for a year and half now. We talked about divorce. Infact we took the module together. We talked a lot throughout the content pages. Sometimes we had emotional moments. Have COLL to thank. Think we bonded. We have decided to work harder. 
Kimmich S. Africa

Considering Divorce

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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Going through  tough marriage which shows no signs of improvement obviously suggests divorce could be around the corner. At times it could be something you are considering while your partner has no clue. On the other hand if you both have been verbally explicit then the subject has already cropped up a couple of times. However the background may be, what matters is getting some clarity on your situation and the way forward.

This module will help you fathom why divorce is requires much inward assessment of your mind and inclination. To really see the marriage and its potential one needs to be antiseptic in evaluation. Top reasons why people stay in a bad marriage will aid in helping you comprehend why you have been dragging feet yourself. It will also help parents with kids comprehend the pros and cons – run a step by step study of where they stand. The module aims to help people save a marriage IF there is scope for change and direct adequately so that who becomes clear can also  make that TOUGH decision .

Who is the module for ?

  • Someone who is unhappy and very stressed in a marriage that is not going well
  • Someone who has been cheated on and wants to exit the marriage
  • Someone who is abused and can’t take the torment any more
  • Someone who thinks the incompatibility has gone too far
  • Someone who fell out of love and can’t pretend any longer
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ISBN – To be shared soon
Length – 45 Minutes

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Considering Divorce