Dealing with Difficult Manager

Dealing with Difficult Manager

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I was at struggling for close to a year now with the new manager and making no head way. There was such a resistance – I just could not understand where it was coming from. This module was very helpful. Knowing the root cause has helped me calm down. 
gurtej.parm India
<span>United States</span>
Wont say it solved the problem. Am working on it. Have a lot of options now and am trying them. I also realise now that it is hard to change someone else so am trying to change my lens.
chloevc United States

Dealing with Difficult Manager

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In the life of an employee, the manager means much. The Manager Employee relationship (MER) depends on both individuals and their personalities. Sometimes however issues crop up that are hard to decipher and even harder to fix. An employee can reach a point of frustration because their work goes unrecognised, unrewarded or are meted out with very tough deadlines and expectations that aggravates their stress.
What this module will help you do is firstly comprehend how MER affects both parties. How the budding stress is felt. The options and routes people usually have. Making an honest assessment of your self firstly. Comprehend what a Good Manager is like and what can their rough edges be. Assess your situation antiseptically. Indicators of having a case of the bad manager. How to handle each type. Your solution kit.
Who is this module for ?
  • The assumption we are making thus is that the person who has arrived here to take this module is one facing an issue with THEIR manager. 
  • Is possibly tired, concerned or even frustrated with how things have been. There is some anxiety related to present and future. This could mean fear of prospectus coming their way or chances of losing their job. 
  • Deep insecurity and physical manifestation of stress can be experienced if too much water went from under the bridge and the employee has had bad altercations with the manager. This will be hard to erase yet the need for solutions will be pressing.
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Dealing with Difficult Manager