Dealing with Difficult Stakeholder

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholder

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In situations like this where you face issues with your stake holder it is hard to discuss openly with others. this module has almost been like a sounding board for me

sugnaniK India

nice. good to see some material on this subject. while a lot of us maturity from experience, when you actually go through a difficult relationship with someone s important to your business the stress is unbelievable.

kutianwalasoni India

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholder

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Dating or trying to start a new relationship can be stressful for many people post a Divorce. The wariness, concern, fears and doubts can be anxiety causing. Some others keep falling for the wrong people and get hurt even more than before. It is most important to know what the drivers are. To know what kinds of attitude trigger what kind of relationships or searches. This will also help you fathom the other divorced person or widow / widower you may be considering.

The various needs people have turn them to certain types of people. To assess your own need is key thus and the need of the other. Likewise are you really ready depends on your confidence and fathoming the root of confidence will help you gauge – if it is time indeed. Post a divorce seeking a partner is about knowing self, introspection, knowing what you seek and why, and ample caution so that you are certain of what you are getting into and how this new road will be.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who just got divorced or has been for a while and is looking at starting a new relationship.
  • Who is widowed and single wanting to see people again.
  • Someone who is nearing a divorce settlement and feels ready to meet potential partners.
  • Someone who has been making mistakes since being divorced.
  • Someone who has started dating someone who is recently divorced or widowed.
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Dealing with Difficult Stakeholder