Depression in Child

Depression in Child

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I have 3 kids and I was surprised to see depression is common in children. No one spoke of this to me before. I have no friends who discussed this. The module helped me understand why that is so. Very few people know what the signs of childhood depression is. Usually it is ignored as bad behaviour. 

Galina.F Singapore

All this time I thought Depression happened to only grown ups. Quite scary that childhood depression goes unnoticed. Mandatory for parents to know what it is all about and how to deal with it appropriately. Good material.

flowergirl92 India

How To Prevent Depression In Child

Media type – Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers or Guardians
Duration – 45minutes


Depression in children is a less discussed subject and many parents don’t realise what the signs are. for most parts, they see odd behaviour and dismiss it as bad behaviour. children unfortunately cannot speak to us in a way that will help us comprehend their problem.

If you are a parent who wants to be sure you are well informed on the subject or you have observed some behaviours in your child that are bothering you, it may be best to rule out depression. This module covers the entire gamut of childhood depression from statistics to facts to misconceptions to signs to look out for, potential solutions and how you can help your child.

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Length – 45 Minutes

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Depression in Child