Depression in Teens

Depression in Teens

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A timely read this has been. Some strange behaviours had just begun and I can see where they come from. It helped me much to be able to talk to my son. Some course corrections have happened since. Good stuff !

Yogita P India
I wish you also offered counselling sessions after the module for parents who want their teen to see a professional. Anyway my wife and I had some learnings from this.
rorycace23 Singapore

Depression In Teens

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Teenage is a tricky period of much upheavals. It is not uncommon to observe mood swings and unpredictable behaviour in teenagers. The changing times, technology addiction, living virtually, moving away from real conversation and real people are all complicating the world teens today live in. Depression is not rare among teenagers. The casual explorations of relationships and sex also add their own pressures on young people who are not yet mature in emotions or ability to handle rejection / hurt / strain. Depression has so many open doors for teenagers. Parents just need to know how to observe the signs of depression and be able to step in to get them help. 
What this module covers are realities of Teen depression.How is anxiety different from depression. Facts about teen depression and the manifestations. Many different types of depression and the  classification of depression by its level of severity. The many stressors and their impact on the teen. Know what is possibly bothering your teenager. The solutions ahead. 
Who is this module for ?
  • A parent who wants to be prepared because they have a pre-teen at home 
  • A parent who wants to educate themselves lest they have been missing some warning signs their teen has been indicating 
  • A parent who suspects their teenager is depressed and wants to know more
  • A parent who has observed quite some changes in their teenager and is worried
  • A parent who knows their teen is depressed and wants to help them
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Depression in Teens