Getting Over An Ex

Getting Over An Ex

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I was down in the dumps really feeling mentally and physically sick. My aunt asked me to go through this course and it helped me quite a bit because it felt like someone who has been through heartbreak wrote this. 
RuturajSa0 India
<span>New Delhi</span>
I had turned into an obsessive person who could do nothing besides thinking about my ex. I found this module very helpful. Wish I could also share my experience so you can use it as a case study. 
aaankan New Delhi

Getting Over An Ex

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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Breaking up is hard enough but getting over the person can be really tough summoning your deepest reserve of strength and self control. This is a period when many adults and teens alike find themselves at a complete loss. Even living several decades, having seen much of life does not equip us with enough mettle to deal with this blow. The impact on mind, attitude, interest and health can be severe if the struggle has been on for long. Severing from an ex emotionally, moving on and being positive again takes longer for some people. It is when the despair and relentless obsession to this person becomes overwhelming that it begins to affect health, stability of mind, career and other relationships of value.

What this module traverses are the reasons why getting over an ex become hard, what kind of attachments people tend to build, what is the usual firewall, the process to analyse yourself and the steps to follow that will bring CHANGE.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who is still hung over the past relationship
  • Someone who is so bruised from the last that they find it hard to heal.
  • Someone who is still in love with their ex.
  • Someone who is scared to think of moving on.
  • Someone who is close to the one who is hurting and wants to help them
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Getting Over An Ex