I am depressed

I am depressed

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<span> US</span>
It always helps to refresh our thoughts and remind ourselves when going through depression. Found this useful. Wish you had a book on this so it is easier to keep referring whenever needed.
Deena G US

Felt quite real. My situation was evidently there on a lot of pages. This stuff is realistic and practical. A lot still depends on the individual. I have started professional counseling now; realised this can go on if I dont attend to it right now. 

Jatin T India

I am depressed

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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The contributors to depression are many but the period is a very dark one. It is hard for people who have not been depressed to really understand the condition of the depressed. While those who love will try to help depression needs a whole lot of self help and professional help too if you have been down for a long time. Negative thoughts, uncontrollable series of bad memories, humiliation, frustration, fear based thoughts are all the usual pattern. Most common is utter despair, hopelessness and a feeling that nothing will ever change or help you.
What this module does is firstly help you understand what depression really is. Comprehend the types of depression and with that figure out your own type of depression and its triggers. Classification of depression by severity. Knowing the symptoms of Depression. General impact on people and self. The complications of Depression that is not addressed – what does it progress into ? Causes of depression.
Who is this module for ?
  • Someone who sees signs / change in their own behaviour that they suspect is depression
  • Someone who is depressed clearly and medically evaluated too
  • Someone who is finding it hard to deal with everyday and their gloom 
  • Someone who wants to motivate themselves to snap out of the down time
  • Please note :  Someone with suicidal thoughts needs to go to a professional quickly.  There should be no hesitation in seeking the help of an expert which will be one on one.
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Length – 45 Minutes

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I am depressed