Jealous and Possessive

Jealous and Possessive

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Driven crazy by my wife. She is suspicious and doubts everything I do and don’t do. Helped me a lot
chetangow56 India
<span>United States</span>

I love my boyfriend but his possessiveness is too much. I wanted ideas on how to manage the situation. Found a lot of useful tips. Also some things I misunderstood are cleared now

taru.p United States

Jealous and Possessive

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Audience – Youth & Adults
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Jealousy and possessiveness is natural when in love and in a relationship but excess of anything is a hazard, an impediment, a problem. The person who is at the receiving end of such bouts of jealousy and anger will have a hard time defending their story, situation, experiences and friends too. Living with an over jealous partner can be a nightmare others will not understand unless they experience it too. The main reason why the victim cannot get much support from others is because most dismiss it as “being madly in love” “loving too much” etc. Jealousy and possessiveness can go to an extent that the partner finds getting past a day without inquiries, snooping, stalking or “interrogation”.

This module will hlep differentiate healthy jealously and envy from dangerous Jealously and possessiveness. The traits and the behaviour triggers. Conditions under which jealousy is okay. Steps of jealousy that infringe on space and peace of mind. How jealousy ruins the relationship in stages. what point does it turn into a disorder. Solutions – What can you do to help and how.  Analysing your situation using questions. solutions when you want to dust your hands on the issue and move out for safety – steps.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who is being told they are loved a lot when what they feel is suffocated a lot
  • Someone who lost freedom and wants liberty again
  • Someone who thinks their partner needs help
  • Someone who is unable to break free and also cant stay in the relationship as it is now
  • Someone who feels their well-being and safety is in doubt
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Jealous and Possessive