Knowing It Is LOVE

Knowing It Is LOVE

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<span>United States</span>
I wanted some answers. What can I say ? I got it.
shortyfire United States
<span>New Delhi</span>
My best friend and colleague was being foolish believing she was in something real when I could see she really wasn’t. I wanted to be sure myself because this had started bothering me a lot. I was right is what i realized and also made her go through the module. I am relived I didn’t lose her opposing this.
anothergirl90 New Delhi

Knowing It Is LOVE

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Love is what we desire the most. It is the fuel that sparks our fire and gets us roaring. The mind of a person in Love is positive, bright and very inclined to see the best in others and the environment. This overwhelming period can render one blind to facts and warning signs. At times a person may themselves feel there is something missing because being with the person does not make you feel comfortable, secure and taken care of emotionally. At times you are the one putting in all the hard work and the other merely responds to your efforts making you wonder are you in this alone ? Maybe you are !

This module helps you comprehend what kinds and types of relationships exist and how the engagement is in each type. What being in a relationship entails in the new age. Facets of true love vs it’s many other avatars. How to tell if this is really love ? Is the person serious about you ? Tests and questions that will bring the answer to you. Helping you build clarity on what ingredients are necessary to make it a loving relationship that holds the promise of being a lasting one.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who is unsure what they are in right now – is it just a relationship or is it Love.
  • Someone who thinks their friend or child is involved with someone who is NOT right for them but does not realise it is not LOVE.
  • Someone who experiences some warning signs and wants to know what Love would entail and be like.
  • Someone who has never been in love before.
  • For Parents and friends of teenagers and youth who want to advise the person who “thinks” they are in love.
  • For teenagers and young adults themselves who want to know to be informed.
Publisher – To be shared soon
ISBN – To be shared soon
Length – 45 Minutes

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Knowing It Is LOVE