Love In The New Age

Love In The New Age

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I am shocked young people are getting so casual about relationships. But as parents we need to educate ourselves .There is no sense in thinking they will learn on their own. 
" India
The last time I was single was 27 years ago. Too much has changed. I feel like a dinosaur. I am not sure if i am happy or relived I went through this course.  Now I feel I am not ready to start seeing people just as yet. Then again maybe this was a good thing. At least I have an idea.
Robin.D Mumbai

Love In The New Age

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Much as changed and in current times affections, emotions and relationships have become volatile and hard to comprehend. If you live in an urban city following a fast lane, love will be far more complicated than it is in smaller towns and rural areas. The demands time is making on people who are searching for a new partner requires them to fully respect the changes, know what to value and what has lost it;s value, what to safe guard and what to look for.  It is but natural that single adults and young people get confused by the nature of the equation they share with someone. There is uncertainty and worry whether it has the potential to last over time.

This module helps you reckon the paradigm shifts that have happened. Some finds and study reports that show the need to think through well, know what you want and need, what you are searching for, assessing your own preparedness and willingness, the authenticity of what you have and the threats that can sabotage it. Thus equipping you to do what works and will keep you from getting hurt.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who is searching for a life partner
  • Someone who just stepped out of a long marriage after a divorce
  • A teenager or a young adult who has not been in a relationship
  • A parent who wants to have a conversation on Love and relationships with a pre-teen or a teenager
  • Someone who has had a few heartbreaks and wants to clear their own concepts first
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Love In The New Age