My Child Needs To Be Disciplined

My Child Needs To Be Disciplined

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My husband and I were stressed out handling our son whose discipline issues certainly went out of hand. We both took the module. Made notes independently. Compared observations and now have formed a system that we apply. Very handy.

Tanvir.Singh India

I travel a lot and so I am not there to support my wife.  She looks after our 3 kids alone. My youngest was becoming hard for her to manage. This material helped us quite a lot. Now we know what is bothering the child.

ApselJ Germany

To Be Disciplined 

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Many parents receive feedback from others and school authorities on their child misbehaving, being out of control, destructive or rebellious. At times parents can see the disobedience at home as well. It can be quite frustrating for parents who are cognisant of this and find it hard to get the child to toe in line. Severe indiscipline can make the child a social reject.  Others may fear to invite such  child into their home or allow their children to play with a child known to be highly undisciplined. A parent who takes this lightly runs the risk of aggravating the self control issues the child faces.

To be a well adjusted contributing member in adult society a child has to learn to be disciplined early on. What parents need to reckon most is that a child who is not disciplined well in childhood will grow to show more complexities in teen years eventually landing in bad company and trouble with the law as well in worst cases. There are several reasons why a child may have issues with obedience, listening and following well accepted norms. This module traverses the various psychological reasons, attitude and environment stimulus. It helps parents comprehend behavioural issues and the steps involved in bringing correction in a positive fashion.


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My Child Needs To Be Disciplined