My Child Needs To Respect Others

My Child Needs To Respect Others

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What I liked most about the course is that it covered a range of subjects under Respect that usually don’t come to mind. I found it very simple to understand and apply with my child.

Leahli022 China

As a mother I especially was impressed by the subject of Respecting Diversity that was covered in the module. As parents it is important to teach children to respect the other gender and people different from oneself early on.

Sumi_tra India

My Child Needs To Learn To Respect Others 

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the child or Guardian
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Respect is a fundamental value that a child picks up in early years and for most parts, depends on how seriously parents took the subject. for a well adjusted child, and a well adjusted adult of the future, parents ought to consciously work on inculcating respect. The module covers aspects of the core value of respect and what influences Respect, thereby helping parents say, do and manage the right environment that is conducive for inculcating Respect.

This module will be of value to parents who’s children are still very young, parents who have seen some sparks of disrespect in their child towards themselves as parents, to other adults or children. It will also be of good use to parents who have received school complaints on the child being rude, mean, insulting or uncaring towards others. This module is also for Teachers, school authorities, grandparents and care givers who participate in the child’s development.

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Length – 45 Minutes

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My Child Needs To Respect Others