My Child Needs To Share

My Child Needs To Share

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What I liked most about the course is that it covered a range of subjects under Respect that usually don’t come to mind. I found it very simple to understand and apply with my child.

Michaelle_w11 China

Interesting concepts. Very simple to apply. I tried some with my daughter and am seeing some good change. We have a long way to go till sharing comes naturally to her.

Atharvpvr India

To Share 

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the child or Guardian
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Many children find it hard to share. As children form identity they begin to establish rights and space. At times not sharing is about gaining territory and control. At times it is about possessiveness and being a hoarder. Children with younger siblings may show signs of inability to share if sibling rivalry is strong. In other cases single kids with no siblings also find it hard to share because there is no one demanding what they own. Either way sharing is a deciding factor for the child’s popularity / acceptability and social skills. If kids or teachers at school, neighbourhood or the playground are coming to you with complaints that your child is selfish and not able to share, it is best you don’t ignore and take it seriously.

This module does an A to Z cover on what is the way in which a child’s perspectives can be changed. Why their mind needs to be influenced and HOW.

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Length – 45 Minutes

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My Child Needs To Share