A Commitment Phobe

A Commitment Phobe

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Thanks COLL. Great material. I needed this.
hinewyy India
Been dragging my feet for 9 years ! Had enough. Really wanted to get some hard hitting answers. Had to prove to myself waiting is a NO WAY ! The module helped me a great deal.
tygar22 Canada

My Partner Is A Commitment Phobe 

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the child or Guardian
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


It can be quite harrowing to be in a relationship where your partner does not show the inclination to cement what you have. This is of issue and concern only when two peoples dreams, aspirations and expectations don’t match. Human society wold over accepts and respects the idea of commitment, monogamy ( most societies ) and marriage. To hold such hope is not wrong at all but you may have either selected the wrong person or the person is stuck in the wrong phase of life to not compliment you. Living with or being with a Commitment phobe (C phobe) can be a very humiliating experience. The feeling of rejection cannot be denied. The pain and the trauma that comes from feeling this way while being attached to them is highly stress causing. If you have pressure from family to settle down the complexity is far more.

The module will help you realise there are 3 types of Commitment phobes. Assess which type are you with. The typical experiences people have when they are with a C phobe. Are you having them too ? Is this your imagination or are you gauging the situation accurately. Why do C phobes do this anyway ? Are there any remedies. Ask yourself these pertinent questions to arrive at your answer / solution. There is just one life and everyone deserves a good one.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone whose Partner avoids making a commitment
  • Someone who is in a committed relationship but wont move to marriage
  • Someone who has spent years in a relationship…waiting
  • Someone who sees no respite on their partners stubbornness and is considering leaving
  • Concerned parents who want to see their child happy
Publisher – To be shared soon
ISBN – To be shared soon
Length – 45 Minutes

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A Commitment Phobe