My Partner Is A Flirt

My Partner Is A Flirt

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My boyfriend has hurt me so much, so may times my family was tired of seeing me cry, I was tired of fighting and crying for attention. He will not change so quickly I realised . Spoke to him using steps..wait and watch
finepotatogirl96 India
I see the origin and science behind it but I still am not able to accept or show any respect for this because I don’t do this to her. She has been casual and that hurts me so much. Giving her inputs only led to a parting. Hope she gets someone just like herself. I wont be too bothered.
HirotheHero Japan

My Partner Is A Flirt

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Audience – Youth & Adults
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Living ot being with a flirtatious partner can be very unnerving especially if you are not the same. When in a relationship if you believe in being 100% involves and dedicated to your partner this kind of a teaming can be a huge let down on your emotions. The fact that you are here reading means there have been many big and small events that causes you insecurity, anxiety and pangs of jealously too. More than anything it is the emotional hurt and humiliation that a flirt causes which lasts longest.

This module will first advice you to change lens for a bit. Look at the subject from a knowledge angle. Know the science and the triggers. Then understand the types of flirting. The usual reasons why someone flirts and why they cannot stop themselves. The way to assess your specific condition. The solution steps in detail and the final call to take basis outcome and your inclination.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who is tired and fed up of seeing their partner flirting
  • Who is upset and worried seeing traits of the flirt in their new partner
  • Someone who is hurt and upset being with someone who cannot stop themselves from flirting with others
  • Someone who feels insecure and vulnerable in the company of the flirt
  • Someone who is baffled by how their partner can be flirtatious
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Length – 45 Minutes

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My Partner Is A Flirt