My Partner Is Depressed

My Partner Is Depressed

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My mother has had depression on and off. It was driving me crazy. Brought me relief to know that my frustration is normal. The guilt has reduced and I also found a few new solutions to try.
Pallavikwl India
My husband had gone into depression after a big fiasco at work. Been 2 years but he is still depressed. Started small ventures that didn’t make money and got worse/ I found the suggestion on MIND watching very real I catch his wandering mind now and he has also started practicing it.
sanchi0402 India

My Partner Is Depressed

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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Depression is a growing problem all over the world. It is a bigger issue in cities and urban communities. The changing times despite technology and advancement of science have complicated our life and living.Depression is worst in under developed and developing countries because most don’t get treated. Treatment and support is possible only when you are aware of what depression entails and what its symptoms are. This is a condition that should NOT be taken lightly. Its implications are on several aspects of ones own life and also that of care givers.

This module helps you see how depression is misunderstood. What it really steams from. The various types of depression there is. The segregation depends on many variable and the manifestations of the condition. When does depression move from disorder to a mental illness. How to prevent that. Symptoms. How depressed people  follows some pattern . Care and remedies that are proven to show results. The effect prolonged depression can have on life and also the partner.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who sees signs / change in behaviour in their partner and suspects depression
  • Someone whose partner is depressed clearly and medically evaluated too
  • Someone who is finding it hard to understand their depressed partner
  • Someone who wants to help their partner deal with their condition
  • Someone who is annoyed and upset living with a depressed partner
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Length – 45 Minutes

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My Partner Is Depressed