My Partner Is Fighting All The Time

My Partner Is Fighting All The Time

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<span>United States</span>
Very well structured. Seriously good material 
firedice United States
This was to be something we took to a professional. But my wife and I went through this module and frankly we had over 3 days of discussions. We thrashed out all our sources, the why’s and also arrived at HOW’s of the way forward. Very good self help.
KedarP222 India

My Partner Is Fighting All The Time

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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Arguments and small tiffs are normal between a couple and that also builds better understanding. But constant bickering and fighting makes the relationship hard to endure. Over time the perennial brick bats make a relationship toxic. A person in such a situation can find life very stressful with the partner. A part of them cares for the person and the stability the relationship has provided but at the same time becomes a drain on the nerves. When accusations fly and blame game begins the ability to handle the allegations turns to counter arguments and blames. This cycle has no end unless both parties decide to solve their difference.

This module is for that person – the one who is tired of it all. Who is worried about where the relationship is heading. Who wants to end the fighting and go back to the time when things were better. Healing is a long route and demands much tolerance and patience too but for the willing that is possible. The module shares what makes differences occur in the first place. Helps you analyse the ROOT causes of your dissidence. It offers a classification on the basis of severity. The 4 box model of difference has its own solution methods. The step by step procedure to overcome the gaps and differences followed by the 3A method is what illuminates the seeker.

Who is this module for ?

  • Someone who has been arguing and fighting with their partner for a  while now
  • Someone who is disturbed by the constant bickering
  • Someone who feels worried about where their relationship is going
  • Someone who wants to salvage their relationship and stop fighting
  • Someone who wants to help a couple who are at logger heads
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Length – 45 Minutes

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My Partner Is Fighting All The Time