Parenting Styles

Parenting Styles

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I don’t come from a background in psychology so for me, this was really new. The subject is explained easily. I particularly liked test that questions you after each type is introduced. It really helps you ask yourself if you are indeed following a particular style or no. 

B_Himali India

This course is a great help for couples. I not only identified my own style but also my wife’s style. There was an issue that needed address and I was unable to discuss this appropriately. My wife also took the module independently. This allowed us to talk, agree, admit and find new ways of doing things in the best interest of our daughter. Thank you. Loved this module !

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CORE to Parenting : Parenting Styles

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Parenting styles have lasting effect on children. A child has no clue why a parent does what they do, what their motivators are and what is the template they are following basis their own history. A child experiences emotions and life episodes because of what a Parent allows or encourages. Some experiences help them to blossom and some cause them to scar. A parent may think they are doing a great job and the best they can do, yet be doing only what they picked up from their own parents or society.

Parenting style is not permanent; if one is aware and is willing to improvise . It can change provided one is conscious of their own naturally preferred style. Awareness is to be followed by conviction and then by genuine effort to bring change. If you are a parent who already follows the right approach then this is the best way to find comfort that you have ingrained in you the principles that have a positive impact on your child’s developments.

Parenting style can change or improve only when one knows what each style does, it’s usual genesis (origins) and impact. Awareness does not come by just trial and error or permutation combination. It comes from formal learning, retrospection, introspection, collecting feedback from your spouse and being willing to fine tune so that your child gets the best of YOU. This is your opportunity to do exactly that.


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Parenting Styles