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Quite frankly it was a lesson for me ! I had no idea these were the steps to pregnancy. I liked how it covers the whole spectrum end to end. As informative to a parent as it is for teens.

Sanjana.ravi14 Bangalore

The myths really shocked me. Some i had heard of as a student myself while i was studying but some others that are doing the rounds in this age and time are appalling. Glad there is material like this for parents now.

Saya0 Singapore


Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Teenage is a period of high curiosity towards Sex. This is also the time most young people lean on friends for information. Many of which are absurd or completely false. The risk they take with health is alarming. As many as 65- 74% teens have had unprotected sex depending on whether they are from Urban cities or smaller towns. As parents this is one of the MOST important subjects to cover with teenagers. While the subject can be awkward for some parents and for others a topic they feel they do not know much themselves – comes this module.

It will help you firstly comprehend the science behind it in very simple easy terms. The steps involved in pregnancy. How to thwart it and the means. What teens need to be told. The many myths surrounding the subject which misleads many young people to make blunders that last a life time or scar them are listed here. Wake up your teen to be cautious and responsible always…towards self and the other. Sex is a responsibility.
The audience
  • For parents of Pre-teens who want to discuss and educate their child about this important and sensitive subject using some help.
  • For parents who want to clear their own concepts and be accurate before teaching their teen.
  • For parents who know their teen is curious about sex or has a romantic interest in the opposite sex.
  • For the teenager and young adults themselves.


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Length – 45 Minutes

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