Raising Child As Single Parent

Raising Child As Single Parent

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I am going through a hard time keeping focus on my responsibilities for my child and then dealing with my own depression. I may have to keep reading this every few days to stay focused. Is this available as a book ?

Parthji 14 India

Very useful. I went through this although it is my sister who is divorced and having to look after her son alone. As a sister I am supporting her. She is so down there is no desire to fix her life. I am taking the messgaes and take aways from here to her in our conversations bit by bit.

Hetal India

Raising A Child As Single Parent

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the Teen or Guardian
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Parenting itself is demanding; single parenting is thus much harder. It is most complex when the parent is also working to support the child /children which leaves very little time for hands on parenting, communication and supervision. The stress of having to go on in life alone without a partner is daunting and then compounded with being responsible for your child all by yourself. Health, diet, education, care, skill development, social adjustment – all of these now rests on the parent who has the child living with them. No surprise the single parent is a very worried one. 
This module will help you walk through the stages of recovery post Divorce or Death of a partner. When does the stress amplify. Signs a single parent is going through stress and its impact on the child/ children. Understanding the mind of a child. What you need to do to take charge of self and your relationship with your child. How to work on your own attitude and perspectives. Developing a new equation with your child that fuses your bond further. 
Who is this module for ?
  • For a parent who will be single soon with the responsibility of looking after a child / children alone
  • Someone who is already single and wants to know what to be careful of and how to take on this onus seamlessly 
  • Someone who has been single parent for a while and has been struggling 
  • Someone who feels they have got something wrong, there is something amiss, fears the child / children are not getting the best of them
Publisher – To be shared soon
ISBN – To be shared soon
Length – 45 Minutes

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Raising Child As Single Parent