Safety indoors

Safety indoors

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Made a big difference. I honestly had no idea there were so many risky things we live with that could hurt or harm the child. Wish programs like this were run in schools or colleges. This is so fundamental !

shuga_suga Singapore

I am a grandmother and I am looking after 2 grand children myself. I frankly thought there will be nothing more I could possibly learn since I also raised my own kids myself. However I was amazed at what all we ignore right inside the home only because we are not aware. 

Chaitanya.official India

CORE to Parenting : Safety Indoors 

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the child or Guardian
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Safety is a foundation subject in Parenting. The number of accidental deaths and injuries to children inside the home have gone up significantly. What parents often take for granted is safety indoors because more focus is on outdoor safety while the child travels or is in school / playground etc. Unfortunately during childhood majority of the untoward incidences occur within the home. Equip yourself with possibilities, danger zone, plants that are poisonous, common chemicals we use at home that are hazardous and all that could pose a threat to your child. There is no such thing as too much safety. This is a must do module for working parents, or those parents who leave the child with a nanny / care giver.
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Safety indoors