Sex Education

Sex Education

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Yes i agree a parent needs to go through this on their own. The process i chose was to study this and then talk to my son about it. Some bits of information I thought was too early for him to know at 13. The material is perfect for an older teen though to go through alone because they may already be sexually active or be about to
WaghKaruna India

As an aunt raising my niece -there was a lot about this module for frankly new for me. I had not known some things myself. Helped me understand this better before i spoke to her. I asked my niece who is 17 to go through this on her own. Found out she did know  many things. And like me discovered a few. Helped us to talk at the same wave length. We are a lot more openly discussing now

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Sex Education

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
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Sex is a subject that many communities do not talk about openly. Most therefore learn of it from friends who may not be the best source of information. There are many myths associated with sex which can seriously mislead you – at times risking life. Peculiarity about sex is that a vast majority have sex and learn about it along the way, sometimes paying the price for not really formally learning about it. Sex is an excitable subject during teen years and continues to engage the human mind throughout life. It thus deserves attention, time and better comprehension.
While it an enjoyable adult activity it is also the biggest source of infections and disease. Air and water borne diseases are not the only worry one must have – sexual habits can invite some that never leave or cause death too. 
So what does this module cover ? It will share the meaning of sex for human beings. The stages of sex, types, the safety to be observed. Rape and Sex – the difference. Taking care of your body as a sexually active person. Clear doubts and myths. Own your responsibility to self and your partner.
Who is this module for ?
  • Teenager themselves who wants to study the subject ( strongly suggest you as Parent goes through the material and then allow your teen to take the module )
  • Young adult who didn’t get the chance to really fathom the subject of sex
  • Parents who want to introduce the knowledge of sex with their pre-teen
  • Parents who suspect their teenager is sexually curious or is already active 
  • Parents who notice the teenager has a boyfriend or girlfriend and appears to be sexually excitable 
  • Parents who caught their teenager watching porn or engaging in some sexual activity already
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Length – 45 Minutes

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Sex Education