STD and Safety

STD and Safety

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<span>Dubai </span>
I and my wife went through this to help teach our daughter and well…many of that information was news to us
LalitV Dubai 

I think this kind of stuff should be made mandatory in schools and colleges. Made my son go through the module and discussed with him after. Thanks

AnaJindal India

STD’S and Sexual Behaviour

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Youth & Adults
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Sexual behaviour is learnt from society and environment. The more educated and open communities tend to talk about sex openly. They also educate teenagers in time so they grow up knowing the risks involved with sex and sexually transmitted disease. Teens who were informed early on also grow to be sexually responsible adults.
STD is less discussed because of the shame around the how it is contracted. Some of these diseases are fatal, some life threatening and some are can be cured if diagnosed however many go without symptoms making it complicated. A person who does not know the safety needed on this subject will be exposing themselves. Unfortunately most people think STD = HIV and AIDS. There are several types of STD with varying impact. symptoms and degree of contagiousness. This module firstly helps you understand how sex is viewed differently by males and females. The mistakes and assumptions they carry. Then it moves to sharing all there is to know on STD. What is the meaning of responsibility in sexual relationships.
Who is this module for ?
  • Adults,  Youth and Teens who want to know all the critical aspects of sex an protection from various diseases that spread from unsafe sex
  • Parents who are worried about their teen’s sexual habits.
  • Parents who want to educate a pre-teen or a teenager.
  • A parents who is sending their teenager away for studies/work and wants to keep the teen informed.
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Length – 45 Minutes

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STD and Safety