Stress From Study Pressure

Stress From Study Pressure

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For me the signs of study stress was most useful. I see many of that in my 19 year old. Glad I went through this on time.

Naman.p India

For the longest time my wife and I were of the belief our son was in bad company or turning into a nasty individual. Having gone through this module what we realised is a lot of our discussions and planning was stressing him out. He did not want to do any of what we assumed he would want to do. Something like this a must for parents.

Karan0304 Mumbai

Study Pressure and Stress

Media type – Self Timed Power Point
Audience – Parents, Teachers, Care takers of the Teen or Guardian
Window for viewing – 10 days from purchase


Stress and depression are ignored or less talked about in growing years but what many parents do not know is that 4 out of 5 students who commit suicide due to academic pressure actually show signs of the tendency. Apart from such grave outcomes a teen who is under high pressure will show unusual behaviours, change in patters, personality change as well. Relationship between a parent and their teen age child can go through some rough waters during this phase. To bring out the best in your child, to be able to provide the right guidance – what do parents need to do and not do. Understand what has changed since we were students and what are their complexities today. The module covers a range of sub subjects that will aid a parent to be a better support for their teenager who has dreams and aspiration.


Who is the audience ?

  • Parents who are worried about their teens coping ability.
  • Parents who see their teenager is stressed over study pressure.
  • Parents who feel their child is not managing time well.
  • Parents who think their teenager could be depressed owing to the pressure from studies.
  • Parents who want to help their kids go through the phase smoothly.
  • For teachers and faculty who want to help their students cope better.


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Length – 45 Minutes

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Stress From Study Pressure