Rajesh VPRajesh VP asked 1 year ago

Hi Seema,
Hope you are doing well. My name is Rajesh and we know each other. I was with HDB and moved to Dubai recently and spoke with you few times for some suggestions.
I started working in Dubai and lost my job since my position got redundant. I cannot sit in front of a system from morning to evening. I like talking to people and give presentations. I do not know what career I need to choose. I am not an expertise in any subject but I can go start conversation with anyone. 
Now sometimes I think that I am not a corporate material and start some business since I cannot work under anyone. My wife’s friend is looking for a partner to start business and I am interested. I am not sure if I am making the right move or not. If I am starting it will be a full stop to my career. Business may/may not be successful and I am really confused what to do. I am stuck, please suggest