The Leader who can….STIR people !

By the Chief Editor at COLL

A leader is sheer, brutal energy ….of the MIND. We don’t need to go into Thermodynamics or the Science of Conservation of energy to know Energy is not something we can create. Einstein did throw this fact at us a long time ago that Energy is only transferable. Not something we can incubate, watch, nurture and bring life. Leadership is a potent and volatile subject. As potent as physics can be and as volatile as chemistry. With every passing decade we are learning more and understanding more on the subject that has fascinated mankind so much.

Innately many human being ( man or woman- more men than women owing to role based thinking and aspiration ) hold a desire to lead other peopple, teams, community, troops, followers or political parties. For women who hold this unquenchable thirst they lead families and work teams even if not a battalion of the military forces (although this is also changing). 

Regardless of gender one who wants that place as Leader – will be a disciplinarian, a teacher, a learner themselves, speaker and a directional light house leaning on ideas and philosophies that govern the focus for self and others as well. Every Leader has to be adhering to some values without which they cannot stir nor move people. What is the leader throwing light on and where are they directing people, depends on the moral, ethical and spiritual maturity of the leader. This is why deep and strong leaders take people to a higher level of evolution and philosophy while hollow but strong leaders take their people to plunge head down…willingly.

I have been fascinated by the power of leadership and what outcomes it can bring because it is the energy of ONE HUMAN mind that alters so many others. Leadership energy is what brings to life a vision the most energetic and passionate one held. A passion that is vetted by logic that is sellable, buyable and then believed in with such fury and conviction that every follower marches in the faith and belief of what they borrowed.

A leaders VOICE is the most potent  voice there is in all stimulation’s we will receive. We have a history that is soaked in human blood whose pages you cannot turn without smelling the strong iron content of all that red that flowed. Some leaders were not as wonderful as we understand and see them today. In history leadership was negative but it allowed such a craftsman to deliver the goal. Every invader needed the brute. Hitler was a leader. So was Idi Amin. So was Genghis Khan. These may be Leaders gone awry in our mature, humane, learned eyes that search for sensitivity, higher purpose, responsibility to civilisation and Human Rights. But fact of the matter is they were exemplary at something, else they could not have rounded up so many who were willing to sign on the dotted lines, pick up a sword or a gun and die for a cause that is injected from the outside. Also the definition of leadership has changes in time. Each period demands a different set of competencies from the leader. Potent is Leadership. Can be invigorating or intoxicating. Either way it is the blind people who succumb while such a Leader achieves their objectives.

Why you study the pattern of all such errant leaders they possessed some outrageous values, orientations and perspectives. The present age and time not only rejects and debunks such Leadership….it would not survive at all. Yet you will find an interesting trait. All were outstanding, profound, ridiculously good speakers. They had great command on language, literature, vocabulary and were artful FLIRTS who flirted with their audience, paying attention to those spots in their listener that hurts and is hungry. By feeding them hope, pride and some promise they filled up all that was festering in the minds. A leader who knew what people will love to enjoy, sells them a vision of exactly what they dream in that grey cell sitting behind all the active ones. They invariably were powerful speakers with VOICE< Tone< Inflection and amazing ability to use all Figures of Speech. Exaggerations through hyperbole,  Metaphors, Similies and whatever worked in the moment was their style to get across a point. Their artistry came alive behind a mike. And with that singular creativity of the tongue they moved MINDS.

We are no way glorifying a negative Leader but by studying these example one can be convinced a Great Leader of the modern time can pick up quite some many tips still. To excel and to be able to engage, inspire, lift the people in how they feel, emote and ACT

  1. A leader does require some wild impressive energy.
  2. That energy transfers from a Leaders Mind and Body to the Spirit of the listener.
  3. In my theory Mind and Body can be affected only when Spirit moves.
  4. The listener can’t experience the Spirit of a Leader but absorbs most of that from “What” they hear. Outstanding COMMUNICATION is the make or break of inspiring leadership, marked by exemplary character and high say-do ratio.
  5. Inspiration is possible when a leader can impact the other persons mind through what is “spoken. This needs to be vetted by what they “demonstrate” which in turn affects the “ATTITUDE” and ACTIONs of the listener.
  6. This is when the listener’s Spirit if forced move – which then thrusts them to being an inspired follower

Leadership is a great deal about working on self and the rest will follow.

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