COLL Workshops and Programs

High School / College
2 hours
  • New Light – Preventing Depression in Teenagers & Youth
  • Success Mantra – Planning Career & Future
  • The Mirror – Improving Presence & Confidence
  • Key to Self – Staying Authentic, free from dependency and stress
Corporate Employees
2 hours
  • Wind Chimes – On Composure, Control and Competence
  • Hands of Time – On understanding time, pressure and change
  • Circle of Life – Work, Home, Family and being wholesome
  • Organization Political savvy – Learning to overcome the stress from org Politics
2 hours
  • Grey Tweed Jacket – Lifelong Commitment to Career
  • Centering – The fine art of juggling and doing well
  • Sneakers – Dealing with the odds a woman will face in a career marathon
  • ME – Dedicated to esteem and knowledge of SELF
2 hours
  • The center of Energy – Source, use and application of mind,body, spirit
  • New age concepts in Health Management – For better productivity, performance and peace
  • A journey within – Mastering the mind to see results in Life and Career
  • Healing the soul – Overcoming challenges and trauma with verve

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